Pay as you go

University planning & preparation services


  • Course Planning Consult

    Ensure that your high school courses meet your university program requirements and will make your university transcript competitive at top universities (2-hour session)

  • Personal Branding Consult

    Assess your personal strengths and weaknesses, get actionable suggestions on how to improve, and learn how to confidently present your strengths to university admissions, volunteer coordinators, and prospective employers (includes a consult, review, and recommendations) 

  • Decision Consult  

    Get expert assistance choosing the right fit universities and/or programs to apply to (consult, review, research, and recommendations) 

  • Academic Skills Coaching  
    Improve your skills in executive functions, EQ, leadership, communication, study habits, goal setting, and more

  • Application Planning Consult  

    Feeling nervous about your university prospects or how the application process works? Get a full academic and extracurricular assessment PLUS a complete walk-through and personalized checklist of your process, based on your prospective universities and programs

  • Review of Student Activities

    We review your past and current academic and extracurricular activities and give you actionable suggestions for strengthening your high school activities profile (includes a consult, review, and recommendations)


* Please inquire for pre-10 and Customized Intensive Programs


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