If I don’t use a part of my package, can I gift it to a friend?

No. Your package price reflects the ongoing nature of our relationship with you and our cumulative knowledge of your case. We rely on what we learn about you with each stage of the process to provide you with the best, personalized advice for you.


If I don’t use a part of my package, can I get a refund?

No. We are careful to match you with the right package for you when you sign up. If you choose not to use a part of your package, that’s your choice.


If I am not sure how much help I need and want to upgrade my package later, can I do that?

Yes! You can upgrade your package at any time for a $25 package change fee plus the difference of the package/ add-on you choose


Will you force me to meet my deadlines?

Of course not! As a student about to enter postsecondary, you are ultimately responsible for meeting your deadlines. We will help you complete your applications on time by providing due dates and support, but we can't meet your deadlines for you.


Can you write my essays for me, or tell me what to write?

No, absolutely not! We are not an essay writing service, and we won’t put ideas in your head. In fact, we do not condone or tolerate lying, plagiarism, or misrepresentation of any kind in the university applications we review.

We want you to succeed. We genuinely want to help you get into university, making sure you succeed and stay in as a part of our core beliefs. Research has cited that the primary barrier to success for first-year students IS NOT financial, but their own ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE. Our programs are designed to help you achieve the goals you set in an honest and transparent way, delivered by our team of consultants who will equip you with the necessary skills to thrive in the academic system.